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11 beaches in north-west Sardinia, not to be missed.


Although still less visited than, for example, north-eastern Sardinia, the north-western part of the island is attracting more and more visitors year after year, probably tired of the overpriced and sold-out resorts. North-west Sardinia has nothing to envy from other parts of the island!

Here, too, you will find picture-postcard beaches, boat tours, caves and cliffs, history and millenary traditions, good food and an airport served by low-cost flights. Alghero and the Riviera del Corallo, in the province of Sassari, are the queens of this part of Sardinia, but the Pelosa beach and the Ezzi Mannu beach in Stintino are no less impressive.

Here are, in my opinion, 11 beaches in the north-west of Sardinia that you should not miss, starting from Alghero and ending in Santa Teresa Gallura:

1. Lido di San Giovanni

Lido di San Giovanni is the town beach of Alghero, one of Sardinia's best-loved and most famous tourist centres. You will be fascinated by its large, 3-kilometre-long sandy shore, with a view of the Capo Caccia promontory (the sleeping giant) bordered to the south by the tourist harbour and to the north by the marine hospital...Learn more.

2. Le Bombarde Beach

Le Bombarde Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Riviera del Corallo, and one of the most famous in Sardinia. An expanse of fine, soft sand, about a kilometre long, overlooking a clear sea with infinite coloured reflections, surrounded by volcanic rocks covered by rich Mediterranean scrub. It is one of the many jewels of the Alghero, with all comforts at your fingertips...Learn more.

3. Porto Ferro Beach

It consists of an inlet, at the end of which is a wide, two-kilometre-long beach of reddish sand (hence the name). It is enclosed by rocks and reliefs of red trachyte and there are three Spanish watchtowers from the 17th century, for the threat of the Saracens: Torre Bantine Sale to the south, Torre Negra and Torre Bianca to the north. It is twenty kilometres from Alghero and is located on the border between the municipalities of Sassari and... Learn more.

4. Cala dell’Argentiera

The beaches of Cala dell'Argentiera are set in this hamlet of Sassari, once a flourishing village and the main mining district in northern Sardinia, thanks to the presence of rich deposits of zinc and argentiferous lead, known since Antiquity. Today, Argentiera is one of the most striking sites of industrial archaeology in Europe and a quiet seaside resort, halfway between the towns of Alghero, Stintino and Porto Torres, which you will never find crowded: not even in the middle of summer... Learn more.

5. La Pelosa Beach

Stintino has magnificent beaches such as that of Pelosa, at the foot of Roccauja, considered among the most beautiful in Sardinia and among those in Europe. The white sandy shore is preserved from mistral winds and currents by the natural barrier of the stacks of Capo Falcone, Piana Island and Asinara. This beach is characterized by shallow waters, and the water has crystal-clear transparency and colors ranging from turquoise to emerald... Learn more.

6. Ezzi Mannu Beach

This large beach is less than 10 minutes from Stintino. It is surrounded by lonely, wild nature and consists of tiny quartz grains, white pebbles of various sizes with fine, white sand and a shallow, blue sea. The white sand and the crystal-clear sea will make you fall madly in love with the beach of Ezzi Mannu BeachLearn more.

7. Platamona Beach

10 kilometres from the town of Sassari, Platamona is par excellence the beach of the Sassaresi. As soon as you arrive, you will find an enormous expanse of light-coloured sand, of different types depending on the area, plunging into a clear sea with colours ranging from green to blue. The beach of Platamona (the name indicates a flat, wide surface) is the longest and deepest of the entire coastline that goes from Porto Torres in Castelsardo: it runs from the Abbacurrente tower to the Marina di Sorso. It is one of the longest coastlines in Italy ... Learn more.

8. Lu Bagnu Beach

The beach of Lu Bagnu, hamlet of Castelsardo which is about two and a half kilometres away, is reached from Sassari in 40 minutes via State Road 200. The beach can be reached on foot via the steps in front of the village... Learn more.

9. Marina of Castelsardo Beach

At the centre of the Gulf of Asinara is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Castelsardo. This beach is located right at the beginning of the centre of the 'new' Castelsardo and can be accessed via a flight of steps along the Lungomare Anglona, where it is possible to take wonderful walks. It is located in a protected position between the imposing rocks and the pier of the Frigiano harbour, where the salt market took place in the pre-Sabaudian era... Learn more.

10. La Marinedda Beach

Located in the territory of Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, it can be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of the island, thanks to the light green of the crystal-clear waters and the intense green of the Mediterranean vegetation that covers the surrounding dunes. It is joined to the well-known and fantastic beach of Isola Rossa; it is also close to the Li Femini beach that you will find next to the small port... Learn more.

11. Rena Bianca Beach

The Rena Bianca Beach is the city beach of Santa Teresa Gallura, a cove about 700 metres long, with a shallow seabed and soft, fine and (by its very name) very white sand, which takes on a pink hue at the shoreline, thanks to microscopic coral fragments. It is easy to find once you arrive in Santa Teresa Gallura, as it is located below the town's main square and as soon as you spot it, you cannot wait to get there... Learn more.

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