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Sassari, 14 August 2019: The Descent of the Candelieri.

August 14 @ 18:00 - August 15 @ 1:00

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Every year, on the 14th of August, the town of Sassari stops for its “Festha Manna”: the Descent of the Candelieri (or “Faradda di li Candareri” in Sassari).
Eleven large wooden votive candles are carried on the shoulders of their respective Gremi through the streets of the historic city center, from Piazza Castello to the church of Santa Maria di Bethlem, to dissolve the vow to the Madonna who, five hundred years ago, freed the city of Sassari from the plague. The Gremi themselves, with their old-fashioned clothes, and the screaming crowd, which acclaims and incites the bearers in their dance all the way, are the most important protagonists of this great festival, a true and profound symbol of the city’s identity, so much so that in 2013 it became an Intangible Heritage of Humanity protected by UNESCO. (Taken from



14 August 2019

Descent of the Candelieri


  • From early morning – Seat of the gremio or in the house of the obriere of Candeliere – Dressing of the Candelieri.
    Each location of the dressing will be easily recognizable, from a banner of more than 3 meters depicting the reference candlestick.
    From 9 a.m. it will be possible to visit the seats, easily recognizable by the banners depicting the reference candlestick and which are located at the entrance:

    Gremio dei Macellai – piazza Mercato Civico
    Gremio dei Fabbri – via al Duomo n. 8
    Gremio dei Piccapietre – via dei Corsi n. 33
    Gremio dei Viandanti – via Antonio Sisco
    Gremio dei Contadini – via del Gran Condotto n. 26
    Gremio dei Falegnami – sede Intergremio, piazza Sant’Antonio
    Gremio degli Ortolani – piazza Santa Caterina
    Gremio dei Calzolai – via Sant’Elisabetta n. 8
    Gremio dei Sarti – via Francesco Cano, 23
    Gremio dei Muratori – piazza Santa Maria
    Gremio dei Massai – piazza Sant’Antonio, 18

Map of Sassari and locations of the Gremi where the dressings take place

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  • 17.00 – City Hall – The Mayor receives the civil and religious authorities waiting for the departure of the first Candlestick from Piazza Castello

  • 18.00 – Piazza Castello – Descent of the Candlesticks: the Candelieri gather in Piazza Castello and then cross Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Vico through the crowd, until you reach the church of Santa Maria, see the map of the route below. Upon arrival at the church of Santa Maria will take place the ceremony of dissolution of the vow.


August 15, 2019:


  • 11.00 am – Church of Santa Maria di Betlem – SS Mass in honor of the Virgin Assumption

  • 18.45 – Departure from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas – Solemn procession of the Assumption with the participation of the Gremi citizens.



Route of the Faradda 2019 in Sassari:

Path of the Candlemas with an indication of the useful services:
area reserved for the disabled,
position of the ambulance,
location with drinking water available.

Route of the descent of the Candelieri 2019 to Sassari






August 14 @ 18:00
August 15 @ 1:00
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