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Enter your Sardinian tourism activity

By setting up local tourism networks we give voice to Sardinian tour operators

The tourism promotion service is fee-based and is offered to all tourism activities residing in Sardinia, starting from € 230.00 with a duration of one year but if necessary also for longer periods, according to your needs. All services are exempt from VAT, according to the current flat-rate regime (pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 54 to 89, of Law No. 190/2014, as amended by Law No. 208/2015 and Law No. 145/2018).

Basic service features:

1) Placement on the site. 

2) Dedicated sheet including: company description in Italian and English, contact details, tel., e-mail, website or "Facebook page" and/or other Social Network, services provided (with material provided by the Customer). Text containing a maximum of 500 words and with the inclusion of 2 photos, an image gallery containing 10 photos, in high resolution. Integrated geolocalisation.

3) Welcome promotional post on Sardegna Country's Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages, presenting its activity and services.

4) Promotion on the Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages of Sardegna Country, with 12 dedicated non-sponsored posts per year (one per month).

5) Promotion of 5 events, if any, per year, in (Events category) and in Sardegna Country's Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram social networks, created by the client and not sponsored.

If you would like further information or to make payment by bank transfer, please send us a message by accessing the CONTACTS or via WhatsApp and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Sardegna Country di Antonio Casu
P. IVA: 02779090907 – C.F.: CSANTN68M14I452M

Sede legale: Via Giuseppe Giusti, 18/B – 07100 Sassari

Sede operativa: Via Brigata Sassari, 41 – 07100 Sassari

+39 0796017739

+39 3289178516

[email protected]

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