SENNORI     A BIT OF HISTORY. The village of Sennori is a municipality of 7000 inhabitants located 10 kilometers from Sassari (capital of the province), in the north-west of Sardinia, and is known for its agricultural production and crafts, sacred art and prehistoric sites. Situated in an amphitheatre-shaped valley, among hills cultivated with olive […]

Sailing boat trips to Asinara Do  you know you have the feeling that time runs at a different rate when you are sailing? It all depends on the wind and the sea. You’ll realize that since your very first time on a sailing boat while on holiday far away from the city chaos. That wonderful […]

  Pecorino Sardo is one of the oldest cheeses in Sardinia, so much so that if it were a historical figure …… would have to tell so much about himself! In fact, you should know that the origins of this cheese date back to the time of the Nuragics who, unlike other prehistoric populations that […]

  Who knows how many times you have commented on a new opening of a business, very similar to others and maybe you said out loud: but why don’t you invent something else? In fact, a problem of our days is just that, the difficulty of finding an original idea to open a new business […]

  Sardinia. This land does not resemble any other place……it is out of time and history.   This is how David Herbert Lawrence described Sardinia in his famous novel “Sea and Sardinia”, during his stay on the island; nine days to understand the uniqueness of a land that contains several treasures, preserved from the sea […]

As soon as you arrive in Castelsardo and then at the B & B CastelFlowers, you will realize immediately that this enjoys a privileged and quiet location: in less than five minutes you can walk to the city center with all its services and, in an equally short time, you can already be immersed in […]

Ormai è consolidata la necessità di trascorrere le proprie vacanze in maniera differente, lontano dal caos cittadino e magari in modalità “relax” soprattutto, poi, se siete dei wine lover, amanti del vino!   Una destinazione che potrà soddisfare le vostre esigenze “baccose” e di relax, potrebbe essere il Wine Resort dell’azienda agricola “Tenute Soletta” di […]

Il ritornello di una recente canzone di un apprezzato cantautore italiano, recita: “Devi fare ciò che ti fa stare, devi fare ciò che ti fa stare bene”! Questa condizione esistenziale, è essenziale per chi vuole restare strettamente legato alla propria terra e quindi di conseguenza, alle proprie origini! Infatti quando facciamo ciò che ci piace […]

You will surely know that Sardinian cuisine, rich in flavours and influenced by agro-pastoral culture, has been enriched during its long history through external contributions coming from contacts and exchanges with different Mediterranean cultures. This has made the culinary tradition embellished with “gems” of inestimable value. Among these “gems”, sweets certainly play an important role […]

  Certamente ciascuno di noi si ricorderà con piacere e con un po’ di nostalgia, tante belle esperienze vissute in momenti particolari della nostra infanzia, soprattutto quelle vissute con la nostra famiglia! In modo particolare ricorderete quelle emozioni vissute a stretto contatto con vostro padre o vostra madre;  quei momenti particolarmente speciali, dove avete imparato, […]

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