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Antica Taverna Roma – Cafeteria & Lounge Bar

The definition of old fashioned is someone or something that is behind the times, not up to date and often no longer considered relevant. Generally, the term old fashioned evokes a negative feeling because it might imply being old/antique and not contemporary and cutting edge. However, individual attributes often have both positive and negative aspects. Old fashioned  could also  be seen as a positive attribute because it can suggest experience, wisdom and expertise. By combining old fashioned with  contemporary attributes  you might achieve stunning beauty and perfect wisdom. That is exactly what Antica Taverna Roma – Caffetteria & Lounge Bar is all about. The owners picked the name Antica Taverna to name their brand new bar just like those historical inns in the old days.

Antica Taverna is located in the heart of Sassari on the main road Via Roma. It is housed in a bourgeois building dated back to the early 1900. An historical central road which represented a stopping point for horse carriages, the most common means of local transport in Sassari  and nearby countryside at that time.

Antica Taverna Roma is open daily. Customers can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while having breakfast, lunch or an aperitif with friends.

The All-you-can-eat Lunch Buffet is served daily from Monday to Friday at 6 euros per person. The Antica Taverna boasts several  different internal rooms and an al fresco area where customers can enjoy summer under a comfortable gazebo.

If you are visiting Sassari and looking for accommodation, the Antica Taverna Roma is literally surrounded by hotels and b&bs.

It is also quite close to the historical city centre and the main National Museum “Giovanni Antonio Sanna” (less than 100 m away), the main square Piazza d’Italia (only 250 m away), Piazza Castello (550 m), the cathedral “Duomo di San Nicola” (1 km). Underground parking is also available nearby in Piazza Fiume and Emiciclo Garibaldi. Both car parks are comfortable and safe for your cars.



Antica Taverna Roma – Caffetteria & Lounge bar is your meeting point in the heart of Sassari. From early in the morning till late at night…..all year round!




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