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Fara Winery (Cantina Fara)



Love and passion always walk hand in hand. Passion ignites love and the two of them are indispensable to each other. Without them a relationship always fails.

Take wine for example. We all agree it’s a pure combination of love and passion. The passion of a farmer’s heart and his love of the land. Wine farmers from Sardinia and especially from the Sennori area are well known for their incredible knowledge and passion for wine-making.

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And that’s how Pietro Fara’s story begins. It all started in 1900 when Pietro founded his Fara farm business. Pietro devoted all his life to land work and wine-making.

A passion passed on from one generation to the next. Currently, the winery is still family owned, being in charge the 4th generation  of the Fara lineage (Giorgio Fara) who make sure Pietro’s love and passion for wine-making still lives with the same spirit and mood.

Giorgio have pursued a new venture: the creation of Fara winery (Cantina Fara) and the production and distribution of 5 special wines: JOLZI a white wine DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin), Zio Pedru a red wine DOC and Oro Passito a muscat wine from Sorso and Sennori, Zirone a red passito made from native red grapes and Bentosu a blend of vermentino and a touch of muscat.


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Fara Winery /Cantina Fara is located in Romangia (North West Sardinia), the region covering the Mediterranean costline of Sassari province. As soon as you visit the area, you’ll realize straight away the importance of the sea and its influence on the land and the vineyards.  The scent of the sea breeze mixed with the sea colours gives a beneficial impact to the vineyards, the grapes and their berries. The vineyards from Romangia are renowned for producing wines with high alcohol content.  

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If you visit  Cantina Fara and have the chance to taste their wine , just remember you are drinking a strong wine, produced with love, passion and enriched with a variety of accents!  

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