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Cantina Sorres Winery



The Cantina Sorres Winery (in Sardinian, “sorres” = “sisters”) is located in Sennori in the Romangia area.

Romangia is a historic region of north-western Sardinia. It consists of the municipalities of Sorso and Sennori and a small part falling within the territory of the municipality of Sassari. The territory extends from the Gulf of Asinara, up to 350 meters above sea level on which is placed Sennori.

The passion and experience of the grandfather and father of the two sisters, Laura and Delia, guided their steps towards the creation of the Cantina Sorres Winery: a treasure trove of knowledge handed down from generation to generation, enriched by the professionalism and innovation brought by the two “sorres”.

La Romangia is a land of excellent wines with high alcohol content and therefore, a privileged place where the wine of the Sorres Winery is born and becomes a quality product: synthesis of an intense work in close contact with the earth and a careful care for the vine and its fruits.


Laura and Delia have chosen to become interpreters of sustainable agriculture, able to respect and defend the environment and the territory in which it operates. The result is production with a low environmental impact, using all possible natural resources and minimising the use of plant protection products.



The year 2017 is the year of the new sensory experiences that the “Sisters” offer you throughout the summer, leading you to the discovery of their land where you can share the passion for quality wine with them.

They’ll propose: walks to discover their vineyard, followed by wine and food tastings and social events.

Eating on the panoramic terrace of their house with the legendary “Chef” Pierfranco.

You can combine this with many other unique and entertaining experiences: depending on the day, you can learn how to make traditional baskets, prepare fresh dough or typical bread with sourdough, visit archaeological sites and much more.


You can also find the Cantina Sorres Winery in the innovative App for all wine lovers, which can be downloaded free of charge from all over the world: Wine App!

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The Cantina Sorres Winery produces two wines: Pensamentu wine a Cannonau and Su Biccu wine a Vermentino. Two wines that preserves the scents from the land of Romangia, which are then transformed into a cellar, thus becoming a high-end wine.



Cannonau of Sardinia DOC

(Denomination of Controlled Origin)

SU BICCU – White wine

Vermentino of Sardinia DOC

(Denomination of Controlled Origin)


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