Covo del Conte Restaurant-Pizzeria-Grill


As it happens for good people who after their death remain a good memory to us, so it happens also for places! In fact it often happens that a place evokes stories experienced before, even if over the years the same has changed in its appearance!

This is what happened at the place where the “Covo del Conte Restaurant” is located, in Sardinia and Sassari.


The walls of this restaurant have kept for 60 years a carpentry known by everyone for the professionalism, integrity and nobility of its owner. For many a gentleman with a capital “G” and for those who knew him: a true Count!

The owners of “Covo del Conte” wanted to pay homage to the history of this environment, following the footsteps left by the “Count” and then carrying on its values that have always distinguished it!


The “Covo del Conte” is a Restaurant, Pizzeria and Grill and is open 7 days a week, both for lunch and dinner …… ideal times for your lunch break or for a pizza with friends!

Once you enter this beautiful restaurant, you will find a spacious environment, tastefully furnished and organized in an intelligent, simple and at the same time …… refined!




At “Covo del Conte” Restaurant you can spend intriguing and relaxing midweek musical evenings (usually on Wednesdays), for a dinner to be enjoyed in the company of good people who listen to sounds sought after and created by musicians of the highest level!



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