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Artisanal pastry shop Il Giglio di Zene Dolci di Sardegna

You will surely know that Sardinian cuisine, rich in flavours and influenced by agro-pastoral culture, has been enriched during its long history through external contributions coming from contacts and exchanges with different Mediterranean cultures. This has made the culinary tradition embellished with “gems” of inestimable value. Among these “gems”, sweets certainly play an important role in the millenary history of Sardinia, linked to a strong tradition that preserves the ancient recipes with which typical Sardinian sweets are still made today.


It is for this reason that on the island there are several companies that try to preserve the best, this sweet tradition linked to their territory and among these certainly does very well, for twenty years, in Sennori the Artisanal pastry shop “Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna”!

The pastry shop “Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna” is the second generation of a story that began in 1997 in Sennori, in the heart of Romangia, in a small workshop of Sardinian sweets.

Since then, keeping the confectionery production within their family, love, passion and dedication have allowed them to grow, day after day and year after year, to expand their boundaries of sweetness.


Their products contain the identity and history of the territory and tell it through their shapes and geometries, the intense scents and ancestral flavors, heritage of traditions handed down, which accompany, today as then, the sacredness of the festivals and the rituals of moments spent in the company of family or friends.

The Zene family believes in the value of good food, and it is for this reason that their products are the result of a careful selection of ingredients, mainly natural and local, and a semi-artisanal process, which combines tradition and innovation, in order to propose products of high quality and authenticity.


In addition to being specialized in the production of typical Sardinian sweets, in the Pastry Il Giglio Dolci di Sardegna love to discover and experiment with new recipes of national and international pastry. They also boast decades of experience in fresh pastries, making cakes and catering, both sweet and savory, for any type of ceremony and event.

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