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Margot Coffee House


Who knows how many times you have commented on a new opening of a business, very similar to others and maybe you said out loud: but why don’t you invent something else? In fact, a problem of our days is just that, the difficulty of finding an original idea to open a new business that can be distinguished from others, that “makes a difference”, especially if it concerns a cafe bar!


In Sennori, in the North-West of Sardinia, was born from an original idea of its owner, Margherita, the Margot Cafeteria, a project born with the intent to differentiate itself from what the city currently offers and for those who have already been there, it seems that the goal has been achieved!

Given the changing times, Margherita, together with her collaborators, decided to revolutionize the convivial moment of breakfast, making its customers find genuine and homemade products offered in an original and unexpected way: a true multisensory experience!


A meticulous choice of products such as organic coffee, organic herbal teas, cakes, fresh fruit extracts, milk of different types (soy, almond, fresh milk, high digestibility), yogurt and much more …. are the exceptional notes that make this beautiful cafeteria the different place, which was missing and that in every city should exist!


An important factor for the Margot project is the attention paid to the social aspect of the Cafeteria. In this place it is considered important that the customer, in addition to being pampered at best, should have a choice of various initiatives to join and participate in, such as:

– allow children to draw and colour while having breakfast with their parents;

– board games available to customers;

– sensory workshops such as tasting guided by sommeliers of tea, wine and beer;

– promote crossbooking, i.e. the exchange of books directly in the cafeteria;

– organization of photographic exhibitions of artists connected, in some way, to Sardinia.


Particularly attached to its land and its enhancement, the Margot Cafeteria creates various initiatives aimed at active collaboration in the area, such as:

– the selection of wines, which come strictly from the region of Romangia;

– the tax receipt in Limba (all the products consumed have been translated into Sardinian language within the receipt) and many other initiatives always related to the territory.


In addition, another innovation, just to pamper customers more, the Cafeteria Margot implements the delivery of breakfast directly at home on weekends (the dream of each of us, after waking up from sleep at night).


On summer evenings, the Margot Cafeteria is transformed from an ideal place for a morning breakfast to an entertainment place for the evenings with “Il Mangia Disco“! A combination of two platforms in direct communication: music and food.
The DJ, who creates a musical selection strictly in vinyl, is joined by a chef, who, with the kitchen creates dishes with ingredients strictly in season.






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