(Foto, fonte internet) Follow the signs to the Costa Smeralda on the SP 73 to the junction of San Pantaleo, and take the SP 94 and seguonole directions to the junction for Capriccioli-Cala di Volpe. Walking on the rocks, it is easy to reach other beaches. It is located 8 km east from Cala di […]

(Foto, fonte internet) From the main road from San Teodoro, towards the town of agrustos, turn left at the Hotel Eurovillage to the parking lot behind the beach. The sand is mixed with a few stones and rocks, grouped in the northern part. 

(Foto, fonte internet) It is located to the north of Arbatax along the east Sardinian coast, and to the south of the Gulf of Orosei. It’s a little far from the Bue Marino, easily accessible by boat or raft from the port of Arbatax and Cala Gonone in approximately an hour and a half and […]

(Foto, fonte internet) It can be reached only by boat from the port of Santa Maria Navarrese ( Baunei ) or from Cala Gonone. The hike is only possible if well-trained and equipped, we start from the trail that descends to a section of the Codula Sisine from Supramonte of Baunei. The initial access is […]

(Foto, fonte internet) You arrive to Costa Rei mainly from the south, with the SS125 that leads directly from Cagliari and from the southern coast, crossing the plain of Castiadas. It ‘a rare example of prehistoric coastal sacred place, with standing stones around the beach. 

(Foto, fonte internet) It extends from Sella del Diavolo up to the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena and is the main beach of the city.The name is thought to derive from an Aragonese tower called “the Poet”, which is located above the Sella del Diavolo. Another hypothesis is derived from the Catalan pohuet (well), referring to […]

(Foto, fonte internet) It is located on the southern outskirts of the village, in the island of S. Antioco, just below the homonymous coastal tower Piedmont of the eighteenth century. Access via Savoia via a staircase. The origin of the name is uncertain. Seddon, in local language means horse saddle, others attribute, however, the rise […]

Foto, fonte internet “La Zuppa Gallurese” or cuata (hidden) is the typical “lasagna” of Gallura, considered “pasta” for wedding receptions. Is made with stale bread, or in some areas with “spianate” of Sardinia, a very flavorful and aromatic broth of fresh meat, such as beef and chicken, with a mix of spices such as celery, […]

(Foto, fonte internet) Originally from Assemini, he contends the paternity also with Oschiri and in other parts of the world there are similar variations as the Peruvian “empanada”. It ‘s a simple dish probably made-up by fishermen, who lived at Santa Gilla’s lagoon. The eel harvested in abundance were the main dish of the people. “Panada” […]