The “Merca” In Sardinian cuisine there are dishes that even though they have different ingredients are named with an identical name, while dishes with the same ingredients are called differently. Two dishes are called “Merca” despite being made with different ingredients. We often speak of “Merca” to indicate the Oristano’s specialty of stewed mullet, defining […]

                                                                          (foto, fonte internet) Fregola Fregola, also called fregula or freula is a type of Sardinian pasta, has Phoenician […]

(Foto, fonte internet) It is located in Alghero, in front of the tourist districts that arise at the beach. From the port or from the historical center, along the Via Lido or walk the walk Busquets. There is the presence of a bathhouse, suitable to be attended by families with children, who can also play […]

(Foto, fonte internet) Go north and leaving right after Fertilia the Pinewood Arenosu ( traveled by road to reach the airport and then joins in Santa Maria la Palma, with one or Sassari leading to Cape Caccia); continue north (Porto Conte – Capo Caccia ), for about another 2 km, then turn left (west ; […]

                                                                                            (Foto, fonte internet) Overcoming Mugoni pine forest and head […]

(Foto, fonte internet) Leaving from Sassari to Alghero and passed the junction with the SS131 to Porto Torres, near the train station and Enel at a traffic light , we find the deviation to the right Argentiera. From here continue straight on to the village of Palmadula, ( the exit of Sassari we covered about […]

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