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Porto Torres






Location: Located on the north – western limit of Sardinia extends for about 17 km with a maximum width of 6 km.


Nature: The Island has two different habitats in the east coast with shallow water and a coast with several beaches. Western area instead is rocky with high and deep water.


Flora and fauna:

Sea: Of all the species of plants that live in the depths of the park, the Posidonia oceanica is the most important and it is a species endemic to the Mediterranean. The fauna is rich of groupers, sea basses, sea breams, snappers, white sea breams. We also find adult lobsters in deeper waters. Worth noting that the waters near Asinara are included in the whale sanctuary, a system of international conservation of pelagic fauna of the Mediterranean.

Earth: Flora is made up by evergreen shrubs, wild olives and junipers. Fauna is rich and boasts several species, among reptiles, Greek and Common tortoises, among the birds the gull, lesser kestrel, shearwater, kestrel, and the Sardinian partridge. Among mammals, Sardinian hare, goat, white donkey, boar and mouflon.


Managing authority: Asinara. Marine Protected Area (municipality of Porto Torres, Province of Sassari, Sardinia Region). 



Activities: Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center of the National Park, awareness-raising and educational activities. The park is part of the network RETRAPARC. 


Services: Guided tours by jeep – trekking – shuttle ATP (Public Transport Company of Sassari) (July-August). Guided tours on foot, wheeled train, fishing tourism, diving in the marine, boating sailing, horse riding and cycling.





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