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Parco Sardegna in Miniatura – Sardinian Dinosaur Theme Park




We all have memories of our favorite childhood theme parks. Some were very popular some were smaller, some with a special theme and some others have left us with unforgettable memories!

Sardinia offers a unique and original theme park: the Miniature Park located in Tuili (Marmilla Region) in southern Sardinia very close to the popular Nuraghe di Barumini “Su Nuraxi” (inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list).

The Miniature Park is above all a center for popular science created for children and adults.



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What’s special about it?

It’s a theme park offering a huge variety of attractions designed for families and kids. As soon as you get there, you will find yourself fully immersed in a natural green environment feeling a sense of well- being and happiness.

The very first attraction you will come across is Sardinia In Miniature featuring scale models of major Sardinian landmarks and monuments. The next miniature attraction is The Nuragic Pavillion built in 2003. It’s the most complete and accurate image of the customs and traditions of the Sardinian Iron Age. The Nuragic Pavillion features life-size nuraghis.

Another attraction is the 3D Planetarium Pavillion where kids and families experience a full astronomy immersion.


However, the main theme area and attraction is undoubtedly the Dinosaur Theme Park where you’ll encounter giant life size dinosaurs! This main attraction was created with the aid and support of renowned paleontologists and scientists.

Unlike many other dinosaurs theme parks, Sardinia miniature dinosaur park hosts a variety of life-sized dinosaurs, all of which are state-of-the-art animatronic and truly lifelike reptiles.





It’s just like boarding a time machine and travelling back in time , 250 Million years ago. You’ll come across a TRex (14 metres long, weight of 7 tons ) bigger than a public  bus. The Trex has been the bigger and scarier Jurassic predator.



Parco_Sardegna_in_miniatura-Tuili (8)

The Apatosaurus (18 metres length) is another entertaining dinosaur attraction Since the dinosaur theme park has become a great success, the curators have made the decision to expand the dinosaurs family by creating  the Ice Age theme park featuring life size mammoths.

The Sungari mammoth with its huge mouth, 5.5 metres tall, and 10 metres long, the furry Primigenius Mammoth much bigger than an African elephant, the Smilodons Cronopio dentiacutus, the Megalonyx and the  Coelodonta antiquitatis Rhino.





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So  we could claim that Sardinia dinosaur theme park offers the largest and richest display of giant life size animatronic dinosaurs. Getting excited is a MUST! These amazing giant life size creatures are going to rule your fun as much as they ruled the earth millions of years ago.


The park also boasts a great restaurant offering an excellent choice of Sardinian dishes and menus at a bargain price. Dishes are prepared with local produce and ingredients. Kids menus are also available.


The year 2018 has brought a newborn, in the Big Family of Sardinia Park in Miniature!

A new and amazing “Nature Park” route where you can experience new emotions: cross an Amazonian river through a transparent underwater tunnel, live the experience of finding yourself face to face with a menacing pack of piranhas and again …… ultra-colored frogs, exotic insects, chameleons and iguanas with unexpected colors.


You will find all this, set in a lush vegetation frame, where your imagination will go beyond all boundaries!



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