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Tenute Soletta (Soletta Estates)


Certainly each of us will remember with pleasure and with a bit of nostalgia, many beautiful experiences lived in particular moments of our childhood, especially those lived with our family! In a particular way you will remember those emotions lived in close contact with your father or your mother, those special moments, where you learned, perhaps, a new thing: that experience that has changed you inside, becoming in the future your passion ….. your work!

The same experience that Umberto Soletta, owner of the farm “Tenute Soletta” (Soletta Estates) in Codrongianos, in the north-west of Sardinia, will surely have lived! Yes, in fact, you should know that Umberto began to take an interest in the work of the fields from the tender age of 5 years under the watchful guidance of his father, with whom he planted his first vineyard that he still cultivates and cares with great passion today!

This passion of the “peasant” has become for Umberto, with the passing of time, his profession together with that of his wife Caterina and sister Pina, helped by his father ninety-five years old who despite his “tender age” goes every day in the vineyard and in the cellar!

In the nineties Umberto Soletta created the winery and planted new vineyards, continuing in this way the tradition of his family.


Looking at the vineyards of Tenute Soletta, one realizes how carefully Umberto has respected the landscape aspect after having stubbornly reconstructed, after careful reclamation, the traditional variety of vineyards typical of the place, thus creating a harmonious relationship between the surrounding environment and the work of man!

In the Soletta estates for the cultivation of vineyards, it was decided to follow the regulations for integrated pest management in order to protect the environment and pass it on intact to future generations!


And with this intention, that in recent times the Soletta estates have expanded its range of services dedicated to nature lovers and wine lovers, realizing upstairs a Wine Resort with three bedrooms and creating on the lower floor a new cellar with a barrique cellar, for the refinement of wines, a comfortable and spacious showroom where you can taste the wines, spirits and buy, as a result, the bottles of those wines that you will have liked most.

The Show Room has been designed in such a way that various types of events can be organised inside it.

Upon booking, you can also combine the wine tasting with a guided tour of the vineyard and cellar (max 10 people), where you will be told how the wines of Soletta estates are made, directly by Umberto Soletta or in his absence by one of his collaborators!






Keramos: Cannonau IGTKyanos: Bianco IGTHermes: Moscato, IGT



Chimera: Vermentino DOC  – Corona Majore: Cannonau DOC

Prius: Rosato, IGT



Sardo Cannonau: Cannonau DOC  – Sardo Vermentino: Vermentino DOC




Hermes: Grappa of Moscato  – Keramos: Grappa of Cannonau – 

Kyanos: Grappa of Vermentino



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