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Rosas Mining Village & Ecomuseum (Villaggio Minerario Rosas & Ecomuseo)

Rosas Mining Village


Who doesn’t know the phoenix myth? In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird similar to a Royal Eagle which is cyclically regenerated or born again. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix after a cycle of 5 centuries ends its life on a funeral pyre waiting for the sun to set her fire. Following her death in a show of flames and combustion she obtains new life by arising from her own ashes and boosted by sun rays, becoming a new young full of life phoenix. The phoenix has become the symbol of death and resurrection. The symbol of a spiritual rebirth and the change and triumph of a new life.

You might wonder: why am I reading about mythology on a Tourist services site? Well, first of all  let us introduce you to Villaggio Minerario Rosas based in Narcao. It’s a small village of 3000 residents situated in southern Sardinia in the historical region of Sulcis Inglesiente.


The area is renowned for its mines and mining activities. The mining village Rosas used to be a self sufficient community at the beginning of the 20th century. It was just like a proper town offering a variety of services to the miners families. The village was named after Mount Rosas where the actual mine was excavated from.

For over 150 years the village experienced extraordinary wealth and growth across different areas. However it also suffered major seatbacks till it reached a very deep crisis that forced the area to close down. Only in 1986 the whole compound experienced a wonderful rebirth. Over the previous 20 years the village was restored and converted into a Museum, precisely: the Industrial Archeology museum. All miners houses were also restored and converted into vacation rentals for tourists. The new variety of services turned the village self sufficient again.

As the Phoenix Myth, the Rosas Mining Village died first  and then arised from its own ashes. The process was boosted and encouraged by the love of its own people. It flourished again with a new  identity.

Once you have reached the Village you’ll have the feeling that the whole area is just like a magical kingdom. Silence is king, while the air is so fresh and pure.

The mountains surrounding the village are covered by the characteristic Mediterranean maquis.

If you are interested in spending your vacation in  Sardinia and want to enjoy your passion for Sardinian history and culture and you are also a naturelover , that Narcao Rosas Village is the place for you.

Your holiday will be very special and unique. The area features a true open pit museum called Ecomuseum where plants and buildings house incredible artifacts and objects from the mining industry. It is a true cultural mine!

The Ecomuseum Rosas Mines in Narcao  (open all year round ) features a range of services to make your holidays truly unforgettable:


A Scattered Hotel (Albergo Diffuso).

All former 19 miners houses have all been converted into a Scattered Hotel (Albergo Diffuso) exactly 19 holiday rentals ideal for your vacation in Sardinia. All rentals are fully equipped with one/two bedrooms, kitchenette, bathroom and Air con. Bed linens are also provided. Some of the rentails also features fireplaces to make your winter vacation cosy and romantic.

The reception is located at the entrance of the Ecomuseum. Available packages including meals and  visits to the museum.

Prices range from € 22,00 to 27,00 per person.


Villaggio Rosas features another peculiarity: two hostels situated on a location higher than the Scattered hotel. This type of accommodation is generally preferred by young people or young at heart guests. It’s a much cheaper choice but still comfortable and interesting. The two hostels have different capacities.

The smaller hostel’s name is Ostellino (a pet name meaning little hostel) because of its small size. It is open all year round. It features 4 single bedrooms, 5 common bathrooms comprising of 2 showers and a common lounge ideal for having your lunch or dinner. Ostellino  equipped with an Aircon and heating system also ideal for winter and summer vacations. Prices range from 18 euros to 22 euros per person per night.

The larger Hostel features 5 bedrooms for 2 /4 or 5 guests. All 5 bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. The hostel is equipped with aircom all year round. Unlike Ostellino, the large hostel doesn have a kitchenette. Prices range from 20 euros to 25 euros per person per night.

The Restaurant.

The Old Post office has also been converted into a very special and unique Restaurant. You’ll have the chance to taste and enjoy the home made food cooked by the  miners’s wives. They usually prepare amazing fresh traditional dishes from Narcao cooked with passion and love. All ingredients are  locally sourced. A typical dish is, for instance, “the beans soup” prepared with the famous Terrasao white bean (a bean typical from the region).


The old mining warehouse has also been converted into a Café/Bar. It’s the best place where to have your morning breakfast or enjoy a nice cup of coffee or sip a nice fresh drink once back from your outdoor tours and excursions.

The Pizzeria is just adjacent to the Café/bar. Organic pizza  is one of their key specialities, only prepared with organic stone ground flour. Pizzas of course are cooked in a wood fired oven.







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