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Fara Winery (Cantina Fara)

Love and passion always walk hand in hand. Passion ignites love and the two of them are indispensable to each other. Without them a relationship always fails.

The dynamics are the same for your work, especially if your job is farming and your love is called the vineyard and the product of this passionate union is called, wine! If then this union is born in Sardinia and in Sennori, the passion will bind you for life!

These are the same emotions that Pietro Fara certainly felt in Sennori in the early 1900s, when he started the history of the Fara Farm, which has passionately dedicated its entire life to working the land and, in particular, to the production of grapes for wine-making.

This passion has been handed down from father to son and is still as strong as ever, so much so that in 2014 Giorgio Fara (the fourth generation) started a new adventure, creating Cantina Fara with the bottling of five wines: Jolzi a white Vermentino DOC, Ziu Pedru a red Cannonau DOC, Oro Passito a Moscato passito DOC from Sorso and Sennori, Zirone a red passito made from indigenous red grapes and Bentosu a blend of Vermentino plus a touch of Moscato and the latest Karole a Cannonau DOC rosé.

When you visit this north-western area of Sardinia, called Romangia, and in particular the territory of Sennori, you will immediately realise that the proximity to the sea gives these lands a special charm: the colours and scents of the sea mingle with each other, then transmit to the vines and thus to the grapes the vitality needed to obtain a wine with a strong character! Indeed, this part of Sardinia is renowned for the production of wines with a high alcohol content.



So when you go to taste Cantina Fara's wine, remember that you will be drinking good, sincere wine that will lift your spirits!  


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