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Sorres Winery (Cantina Sorres)

The Cantina Sorres winery (in the Sardinian language, sorres = sisters) is located in Sennori in the Romangia region.

Romangia is a historical region in north-western Sardinia. It is made up of the municipalities of Sorso and Sennori and a small part falling within the territory of the municipality of Sassari.

The passion and experience of the grandfather and father of the two sisters, Laura and Delia, guided their steps in the creation of Cantina Sorres: a treasure trove of knowledge handed down through generations, enriched by the professionalism and innovation brought by the two sorres.

Romangia is a land of excellent wines with a high alcoholic content and therefore, a privileged place where the wine of the Sorres Winery is born and becomes a quality product: the synthesis of intense work in close contact with the land and careful care for the vine and its fruit.

Laura and Delia have chosen to be the interpreters of a sustainable type of agriculture, capable of respecting and defending the environment and the territory in which it operates. The result is organic production.

The Sorres, Laura and Delia, offer you sensory experiences during the summer, where you can discover their passion for quality wine with them!


The Sorres Winery's Summer Aperitifs in the Vineyard are truly special! In their estates overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, amidst the scents of the countryside and in front of spectacular sunsets, Laura and Delia will tell you the story of their winery, you will learn the secrets and curiosities of wine and vines, and you will learn the importance of innovation and environmental sustainability. All this while you will taste the different vintages of the Cannonau DOC Pensamentu and the Vermentino DOC Su Biccu, accompanied by many excellent Sardinian dishes.

In addition, since 2020, Sorres has proposed, always in summer, the 'Sorres in Musica' Festival, where the tried and tested Aperitif in the Vineyard formula is combined with live music thanks to the performance of various musicians from the Sardinian panorama who, among the rows of vines of the Sorres Winery, give the best of themselves by entertaining those present at sunset.


Cantina Sorres produces 2 DOC (Controlled Origin) wines: a Cannonau il Pensamentu and a Vermentino Su Biccu; 2 wines that retain the aromas that spring from the land of Romangia, which are then transformed in the cellar, thus becoming high-end wines.


Pensamentu - Red wine

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC


Su Biccu - White wine

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC





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