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Giagu Pattada knives


It is in Pattada, a small mountain village in the centre-north of Sardinia that Giagu knives are made, following in the footsteps of an ancient craft tradition of knives with classic 'myrtle leaf' blades that have become deservedly famous.

An ancient working tool of an agro-pastoral society, the knife of Pattada emerged among an infinity of utensils indispensable to daily needs, created by a few blacksmiths who were custodians of a centuries-old art. It is in this history that the Giagu workshop is set, however, departing from the mould, in creating only and exclusively knives and making the most of these objects, among the oldest in human history.

A great deal of experience and intelligent attention are the secrets of the 'pattadese' knife made by Salvatore Giagu and Maria Rosaria Deroma, together with their children Letizia and Adriano, in various versions in their 'fraile' (blacksmith's workshop) of just a few square metres, where the workmanship is carried out in full respect of tradition.

The essentiality of the equipment (the same as in the past) enhances the craftsmanship with which each knife is modelled, thus characterising the entire Giagu production. Unique and exclusive pieces, famous not only for the particularity of their shapes and refined finishes, but also for the accurate research of materials; of which nature is the main source.

From classic knives such as the 'Resolza' and the even more ancestral 'Corrina', to the brand new 'deposited models', produced in a limited number and numbered from time to time, such as 'Propeller', 'Waves', 'Antique' and others.

The exclusivity and originality of these knives is guaranteed by a certificate of authenticity as well as the imprint of the mouflon's head on the blades and the inscription Giagu Pattada, a registered trademark.

Tradition, precision and, why not, art: these are the precious values of Giagu knives.


Still preserving the methods of the ancient craft tradition, creating exclusive objects at a time when mass production is becoming increasingly widespread, is a source of pride for Giagu, an element of characterisation. Only in this way does each knife become something truly unique and unrepeatable.

The uniqueness of Giagu knives is evident from the description of the processing steps that characterise the classic 'Resolza'. For this knife, as for all other Giagu branded knives, the careful choice of materials (steel, horn, wood or other) is decisive, as is their subsequent processing, which requires profound experience and careful craftsmanship.

Using a hammer, anvil, file and other handcrafted equipment, it goes from hot-working the steel to make the blade, which is then stamped with the exclusive mark, to creating the handle. This phase, in which the chosen piece is cut and, if made of horn, exposed to the heat of the fire and straightened, also requires special care so that the material is not irreparably compromised. A reinforcing steel core is then prepared for the handle to ensure balance and solidity. A ring is then attached to the handle and the blade tested to work the whole in a harmonious and uniform manner. At this point the blade is first red-hot, then immersed in a special oil for cooling and finally passed through the water grinder. This elaborate process, known as tempering and sharpening, serves to give the blade the correct hardness and satin finish desired by tradition. A metal pin definitively fixes the blade to the handle, which is treated with a special protective paste, and the joint ring is decorated with typical ornamental motifs.

The knife is thus finished and offers itself in all its beauty and functionality to the admiration of the admirer.



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