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Excursions with the Green Train

The excursion to the Asinara National Park starts from Stintino at 10 a.m., on board the ferry 'Gabbiano'. Once disembarked on the southern part of the island of Asinara, known as Fornelli, the guided excursion will continue on board the tourist train, from which you can admire the beauty of the Park from the comfort of your seat. Along the route from Fornelli to Cala d'Oliva, the northern end of the island, you will immerse yourself in the most unspoilt nature to encounter different specimens of the local fauna, such as the famous white donkey. During the excursion, there are several stops to admire the most interesting natural and historical sites, such as the Fornelli maximum security prison (the famous 41 bis).

Lunch will be taken on board the 'Gabbiano' ferry, with a hearty seafood dish.

The excursion will end around 17:30, in the picturesque port of Stintino.

Jeep off-road excursions

The excursion to Asinara Island begins at 9.30 am, with a short crossing from the port of Stintino to Fornelli. Once disembarked, the excursion will continue on board the Land Rover 110 off-road vehicles, with which one can cross the island in its entirety, until reaching, in the northern area, the highest promontory from which one can admire the Gulf of Asinara at 360 degrees. A number of stops are planned along the way, to visit sites of major historical and natural interest and a pleasant break to eat a packed lunch in the shade of the Mediterranean maquis.

The excursion will end around 17:00, in the port of Stintino.

Escursioni con la Pescaturismo

The excursion starts at 9.30 am in Stintino on board the motor fishing boat 'Fortunato' or 'Alex'. The day will start with a fishing trip lasting about an hour, during which nets (trammel nets) or pots (longlines) will be set and hauled, after which the trip will reach the island of Asinara with a first stop at Cala Reale or Cala d'Oliva, and once disembarked, it will be possible to walk in the unspoilt nature and take a swim in one of the coves. Around lunchtime, there will be an aperitif followed by a fish-based menu, accompanied by a good wine (first course, main course, fruit, coffee, digestif and typical Sardinian desserts). The second part of the excursion will continue with navigation close to the coast, in search of the most sheltered and spectacular inlets. In these inlets, it will be possible to dive into the crystal-clear waters and visit its seabed.The excursion will end at 18:00, again in the port of Stintino.

Catamaran Trips

Excursions in the Asinara Park by catamaran provide three distinct solutions: the half-day excursion, the full-day excursion and the exclusive day excursion. The first solution, lasting 3 hours, involves two departures per day, one in the morning at 9:45 a.m. and one in the afternoon at 2:45 p.m., with embarkation from Stintino at Le Saline beach. The first leg of the excursion consists of a visit to the beautiful coves of the island of Asinara, where it will be possible to take a swim and explore the pristine seabed.

After the first stop, the crossing along the beautiful coastline of Stintino will continue towards the southern area of the island of Asinara, known as Fornelli. Once disembarked, it will be possible to take a walk in the park and visit the island's main points of interest, including the sea turtle recovery centre. The excursion includes a second stop during which it will be possible to snorkel and enjoy an aperitif served on board the boat.

Both excursions include the return to Stintino, again, at the le Saline beach, and as far as return times are concerned, the morning excursion will end at around 14:45 while the afternoon excursion will end at around 18:30.

Half-Day Sailing boat Excursions

Departure is always from the port of Stintino with the sailing boat Equinoxe. During navigation, the captain will give you a brief description of the appropriately chosen itinerary, depending on the sea weather conditions of the day.

On the island of Asinara, two landings are planned, at Cala D'Oliva or Fornelli and at Cala Reale where it will be possible to visit the C.R.A.M.A. (Centro Recupero Animali Marini Asinara - Asinara Marine Animals Recovery Centre), a small centre that deals mainly with the recovery, care and monitoring of 'Caretta Caretta' sea turtles and cetaceans.

Anchored in a bay, you will be offered lunch on board with: a starter, a fish dish, coffee and a good myrtle liqueur.

In the afternoon, on the way back, you will reach a second bay where you can take a swim, diving directly from the Equinoxe sailboat, after which you will return to Stintino at around 18:30.



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