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Nuraghe Palmavera

VIII sec. a.C.)

The ancient Nuragic peoples of Sardinia would have a lot of advice to give us when it comes to design and architecture. Their works, the nuraghi, have stood for millennia telling us in history and mystery the life of an ancient civilisation. A magnificent example of this majestic millenary architecture can be admired near Alghero, by visiting the Nuraghe Palmavera.

The Palmavera Nuragic Complex gives the visitor the opportunity to see, in one visit, some of the main features of these fascinating monuments and to breathe in the life that was led there 3500 years ago. Here, you can admire the Nuragic tower (or Mastio) that, majestic and intact, for the most part, towers over the surrounding village, which today consists of around fifty huts; the Capanna delle Riunioni (Hut of the Meetings), one of the largest in Sardinia, inside which you can appreciate a nuraghe model of fine workmanship (betilo), a bench-seat, intended to house the most important people of the village, and a throne-seat, intended to house the most charismatic person of the village, which is unique in the Sardinian archaeological panorama and is a clear example of Nuragic craftsmanship. Not to be overlooked is the antemurale, a vast construction surrounding the central part of the nuraghe, delimiting it from the rest of the village huts.

The artefacts found in all the archaeological excavations carried out in the Palmavera Nuragic Complex can be found on display in the: Museo Nazionale Archeologico ed Etnografico 'Giovanni Antonio Sanna' in Sassari and inside the Museo Archeologico di Alghero (MUSA).

Image by Nicola Castangia

An extremely didactic, easy-to-read complex that gives an insight into the society of the time and the expertise of these highly skilled Bronze Age architects.

The Nuraghe Palmavera can be found on State Road 127 bis - km 45,450 (which also leads to Capo Caccia).

S.I.L.T., a cooperative of tourist services, has been operating in Sardinia since 1985 with its head office in Alghero and provides services of a tourist nature, with particular focus on the cultural and naturalistic aspects. You can book excursions to Alghero and the surrounding area or tours with customised formulas for several days, including guided visits to the archaeological sites of the Anghelu Ruju necropolis and the Palmavera nuragic complex, also with the combined ticket formula.

The S.I.L.T. Cooperative also runs the visit to the Necropolis of Santu Pedru, which is, however, only open on exceptional occasions and only by reservation.

Image by Mauro Madau

Opening hours.

The site is open every day of the year except Christmas Day:

- November to March, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.;

– Aprile, Maggio e Ottobre, 10:00 – 18:00;

– da Giugno a Settembre, 10:00 – 19:00.

The Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, follows the same schedule as the Palmavera.






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