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Sardinia Miniature and Dinosaur Park



Surely, when we were children, we all had the good fortune to have been in an amusement park, and maybe in a big, beautiful and famous one. There are many amusement parks, as you well know. They are usually theme parks and are certainly the most sought-after ones, because in them you can have exciting experiences that remain in the memories of children and... adults for a long time.


In Sardinia, in Tuili in the region of Marmilla, in the south of the island, a stone's throw from the famous Nuraghe of Barumini 'Su Nuraxi' (a UNESCO heritage monument) you will find a unique amusement park: the Parco della Sardegna in Miniatura...a true integrated hub of scientific divulgation: a place where you will experience intense emotions, difficult to forget.

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What is so special and unique about it?

This Park satisfies a little bit of everyone, yes because it encloses different types of attractions that provide visitors with strong and unexpected emotions! It is a park especially dedicated to families, eager to experience a fun, special and unique day out with their children. 

It is an all-round sensory park: as soon as you arrive, you find yourself immersed in a specially constructed environmental context, to transmit to the visitor an immediate sense of well-being that will accompany him/her throughout the day.

As soon as you enter the park, you will find an attraction that has given its name to the park itself, Sardinia in Miniature... you will walk through the whole of Sardinia admiring its monuments reconstructed in miniature with careful precision. Then you will take a step back in time to discover how the Nuragic people lived, visiting a Nuragic Village with life-size reconstructed Nuraghi, or you can immerse yourself in the world of space and the stars with a unique experience visiting the Planetarium in 3D...and explore the flora and fauna of Sardinia.


But the attraction that has been attracting visitors from all over the world for some years now is certainly the Dinosaur Park! Dinosaurs reproduced life-size and with scientific rigour, thanks to the advice of leading palaeontologists.

Well, you may say, but what is different about these dinosaurs from others reproduced and scattered around the world?

Well, the special feature of the Dinosaurs in this Park is that they are able to move thanks to sophisticated animatronic techniques and also able to breathe, observe, roar... in short, live! This is what distinguishes them from the others!



Therefore, imagine climbing aboard the time machine that catapults you back in time to 250 million years ago, allowing you to face mighty dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus-rex, which at 14 metres long and weighing 7 tonnes (bigger than a bus) was the most fearsome hunter of the Jurassic period; or come face to face with a gigantic Apatosaurus (also erroneously called Brontosaurus), which was also real at 18 metres long.

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Then, since the enthusiasm shown by visitors, and especially by children, was very high, recently the curators of the Dinosaur Park of Sardinia in Miniature wanted to increase the 'family' of dinosaurs already present by dedicating a new area to the Ice Age with other protagonists, again reproduced life-size, such as:

the Mammuth, 'Sungari' with its mammoth size, 5.5 metres high and 10 metres long; the Mammoth 'primigenius', much larger than an African elephant and completely covered in thick fur... and again, the Sabre-toothed Tiger, the Smilodon, the Chronopio dentiacutus, the Megalonyx (similar to a giant sloth), the Dodo and the powerful woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis).

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So it can certainly be said, that the Dinosaur Park of Sardinia in Miniature is the largest and richest exhibition of life-size animatronic dinosaurs in Italy, where excitement is a must... as these splendid creatures of the past, after dominating the earth millions of years ago, continue to do so today.

To make your stay in the park more comfortable, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy, at reasonable prices, various dishes included in fixed-cost menus, with products from the local area and therefore typical and traditional Sardinian cuisine. There are also special menus for children.


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The year 2018 has brought a new addition to the large family of the Parco Sardegna in Miniatura!

A new and amazing 'Nature Park' trail where you can experience new thrills: crossing an Amazon river through a transparent underwater tunnel, coming face to face with a menacing herd of piranhas, and more... ultra-coloured frogs, exotic insects, chameleons and iguanas of unimaginable colours.

You will find all this set against a backdrop of lush vegetation, where your imagination will stretch beyond all boundaries!


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