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Roberta Carboni - Tourist guide in Cagliari

Beauty is a source of inspiration in many contexts and especially if it is represented in the description of places, those magical, unique places that evoke fascination. To tell the story of places and the stories of the people who have lived in a given area, one must have a special talent, above all, one must have great sensitivity and awareness for what one wants to convey!

You must have this talent, even to carry out the profession of tourist guide, and there are very few people who manage to carry it out with passion and authority, managing to distinguish themselves and break out of the usual stereotypes with which those who carry out this profession are associated.

Roberta Carboni is a tour guide who has this special talent and has managed to distinguish herself from the usual guides in the world of guided tours. She lives in Cagliari and has been a tour guide for more than 10 years. She is passionate about Sardinia, which she has loved so much, all her life, and that is precisely why she has chosen to tell her story, with a single mission: to communicate the beauty of the magical and unusual places that Sardinia abounds with.

She holds a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Cagliari and is also an Art Historian. After obtaining a master's degree in Tourism Management, she is also involved in training, planning and consulting in the tourism sector. In 2020, she obtained her Sommelier qualification and HACCP licence, which enabled her to further expand her tourism offer.

Me&Sardinia is her tourism enterprise through which she contributes to disseminating her idea of tourism, based first and foremost on self-awareness. In fact, Roberta believes that those who appreciate the place where they live are the first true ambassadors of the territory. She is firmly convinced that anyone living in their city is the first tourist, often unaware of the local riches and eager to discover them. For this reason, it has created several thematic tourist routes, especially in central and southern Sardinia, not only for those who do not yet know Sardinia but also for Sardinians themselves.


The thematic guided tours created by Roberta Carboni are aimed at true discoverers of an unusual Sardinia, off the beaten track of traditional mass tourism. She uses in her tours the narrative technique of 'storytelling', which consists in telling the territory through its stories, creating an easy and engaging narrative within the urban-natural environment, accompanying people to relive a particular historical moment, thus immersing themselves in reality and identifying with the characters of the time.

Thematic guided tours are offered by Roberta all year round, on a monthly basis and also vary according to the season.

The Spanish Inquisition, witchcraft, shamanism, popular traditions, myths and legends, the rites of Holy Week, spiritualism and magic are just some of the themes of the tours proposed by Roberta.

The tours take place both within Cagliari, i.e. in the historical centre and other parts of the city, and in the surroundings of the city, going as far as the south and centre of Sardinia. The duration of the tours varies depending on the subject matter and the location; in general, the duration varies from a minimum of 2 hours to a full day, with a lunch break included.










Since guided tours represent an excellent alternative to spend one's free time, indulging in a few hours in the open air and perhaps discovering curiosities and unusual stories about places, Roberta Carboni has come up with some real gift ideas, offering the possibility of giving a tour as a present so that those you love can enjoy a pleasant and entertaining experience.

You can give a gift card of different value, to be used at the recipient's discretion on all the tours offered until the credit runs out, for one or two people. All gift cards have an annual expiry date.


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