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Is Caschettas, Tiliccas, Tilicche or Tiricche, are traditional Sardinian sweets typical of Logudoro and Gallura, now found throughout the territory. They are generally made for Easter festivities. They have different names according to the areas where they are made and also have some differences in the various recipes.

It is a cake consisting of a sheet of durum wheat flour and lard with a filling of semolina and almonds and honey or cooked must, called saba, usually grape must saba, but in some areas prickly pear saba is used.

The shapes of the cakes are varied. We can find them in the shape of a horseshoe, ellipse, half-moon or even a heart, they weigh about 16/17 g, and their outer surface is crumbly and white.


The basic ingredients are flour, water, sugar, lard, almonds, honey, saffron and grated lemon peel.

First the filling is prepared: sugar, honey, saffron and lemon or orange peel are boiled in a pan. After a few minutes, before turning off the heat, the almonds are added.

The resulting dough is kneaded and sticks of 6/7 mm in diameter and 10/12 cm long are formed. For the dough, flour is mixed with sugar and lard and the mixture is kneaded until a thin sheet is obtained. On each rectangle of dough you place the stick of filling and close the ends, giving it the shape you prefer. They are then placed in the oven at 160 °C (320 °F).

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