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S'Aranzada or arantzada (the orangeade) is a traditional Sardinian sweet typical of the Province of Nuoro, very fine with an elegant appearance and delicate taste. Oranges are the protagonists together with honey and almonds.

Typical for ceremonies, such as weddings and baptisms, even today it is said that a 'good marriage' is recognised by the quality of s'Aranzada. It is a very old and award-winning cake. The recipe originated in 1885, when the famous Nuoro pastry chef Battista Guiso founded a small 'pastry workshop' in Nuoro, thus starting the production of the Nuoro cake. He later perfected the recipe and patented it, forever tying its name to his city. Thanks to his intuition in participating in trade fairs, he won several prestigious awards both nationally and internationally, becoming one of the first Sardinian entrepreneurs to actively export. His fame was such that in 1901 Margherita di Savoia, Queen Mother of the then Kingdom of Italy, who was very fond of Aranciata Nuorese,appointed Battista Guiso as official supplier to the Royal Household, granting him the privilege of displaying the royal coat of arms next to the sign of his confectionery shop.

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