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Mariolu Cove

Cove Mariolu, is located at Punta Ispuligi in the Gulf of Orosei. The name is linked to the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus Hermann, 1779), called 'mariolu' (thief) by the fishermen because it took fish from the nets. The sand is mixed with round pink pebbles.

Cala Mariolu is surrounded by a 500 m cliff and can be reached either by land or sea. By land, you can only get there through a challenging walk (trekking for experts), passing through dense Mediterranean scrub. By sea, on the other hand, it is much more convenient, since you can reach it on private boats or with the cove services, departing from the ports of Arbatax, Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese. A large rock, sa perda 'e su saltatori', serves as a mooring jetty.

The seabed is shallow and offers an ideal habitat for fish of various species, making it ideal for snorkellers and experienced divers.

The area is rich in caves, one of which opens right on Mariolu cove, while not far away is Grotta del Fico, also accessible by sea. Along the gulf of Orosei you will find other coves, which are definitely worth a visit: cala Goloritzè, the magnificent cala Sisine and Biriola and, finally, cala Luna one of the symbolic beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

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