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Cala Sisine

Cala Sisine can only be reached by boat from the ports of Arbatax, Santa Maria Navarrese (Baunei) or Cala Gonone. The hike on foot is only possible if you are very well trained and equipped, starting from the mule track that descends a section of the Codula di Sisine, from the Supramonte di Baunei. The initial access is from the village of Baunei, along an asphalt road known as Bia Maiore, towards the small church of San Pietro. Nearby, you take the bumpy (unmarked) continuation to the Codula di Sisine, suitable for off-road cars or better to be done on foot, as far as the inside of the gorge, from where you reach the beach in about half an hour's walk.

The beach is about 200 metres wide and lies at the mouth of a small winter torrent (in Sardinian 'Codula'), which descends from the nearby mountains of the Golgo plateau. The waters are clear and iridescent turquoise and the seabed is of light-coloured limestone sand and rounded stones: an ideal backdrop for snorkelling. There is a bar and a refreshment point near the beach.

Sa rutta 'e su Meraculu, the cave of the Miracle, overlooks Cala Sisine from the slopes of Baccu Erettili. Visit the 'mystical' beauty of Baunei's jewel where nature, over millions of years, has created several communicating environments with fantastic limestone concretions. From the atrium, through a narrow corridor, one arrives at the central chamber about 100 metres long with columns and natural sculptures that enchant by their grandeur.

In ancient times, Cala Sisine was known as portu 'e Sisine, a landing place for coal shipments. To the north, you can see a building constructed by coal miners. Tools have been found in the area that date man's presence here to around 4000 years ago.

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