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Frisjoli, as they are called in the Sardinian language, are typical Carnival fritters. They are prepared with simple ingredients using semolina flour, which makes them tasty and rustic at the same time, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They keep well even until the next day, but in this case it is preferable to warm them up for a few seconds in the microwave

The recipe is very simple because the ingredients are few, but pay close attention to the rising. Equip yourself with a bowl, if earthenware is better. Take great care with the dough, keeping it in a warm, draft-free room. There are many ways to make long fritters in Sardinia, this recipe is probably the easiest to prepare them. It is advisable to have a funnel with a handle with a 1.5 cm diameter opening, but if you don't have one, you can get around this with some simple remedies: a plastic bottle cut in half. Be very careful with the heat of the oil, which is why we recommend using a funnel with a handle.


1 kg remilled semolina

1 litre of milk

35 g brewer's yeast

2 oranges (zest and juice)

1/2 bicchiere di Acqua vite o liquore all’anice

plenty of oil for frying (peanut or sunflower)

enough sugar.


Pour the remilled semolina flour, zest and juice of the oranges into the mixing bowl and stir. Let the milk cool and dissolve the yeast in it.  With one hand knead, pouring in the milk a little at a time and finally add the liqueur.  Now knead the dough well and vigorously, from the bottom up until it is smooth and perfectly even. Let it rise for at least two hours, covering it first with a cloth and then with a blanket. Make sure the dough is thick enough to pass through the funnel. If not, add lukewarm liquid, starting with 50 ml until it is thick enough to pass through the funnel. At this point you are ready to pour the contents into the hot oil and you should proceed carefully and safely as follows: grease the inside of the funnel by pouring in hot oil, use a ladle to scoop out some of the mixture and pour it into the funnel, holding the hole closed with your index finger. Bring the funnel closer to the hot oil, move your finger and start dropping the dough in a circular fashion, creating a spiral, from the inside out. The pancake will swell on contact with the oil, turn it over and let it brown. Now you can remove it from the oil, drain it and dip it in sugar and enjoy!

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