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Sardinian bread

The bread variety in Sardinia derives from an ancient tradition of processing wheat flour, which was extensively cultivated on the plains for millennia.

Bread carasau or 'pane 'e fresa' has its origins in Barbagia, known in Italian as 'carta da musica', an appellation given for its crunchiness. It is prepared early in the morning. The term, 'cariare' indicates the method of processing, when the dough is worked vigorously on the table. The duration of this phase depends on the variety of bread; for carasau it is longer and women often get help from men to handle the dough. It is then left to rest under linen cloths. Discs of varying diameter are formed from the touches, depending on the location. It is then baked using oak or olive wood. The bread is placed on the floor of the oven, the dough puffs up to form a ball, baked, and the two sides are quickly separated with a knife before the air escapes completely. The sheets called 'pizos' are then baked later, usually after lunch, to complete the baking process, known as 'carasadura'. Its characteristic of excellent preservation thus allowed shepherds who were away from home for long periods of time to have bread that, when re-watered, regained the freshness of the day's bread.

Guttiau bread.

The carasau sheet is sprinkled with oil and salt and toasted in the oven.

Pistoccu bread.

Ogliastra variant with a thicker conformation of pane carasau.


A typical bread of the Campidano area, it is shaped like a loaf and is made from durum wheat semolina, which remains soft for longer due to its preparation.

Coccoi a pitzus.

It is a decorated bread, which in the past was prepared for major festivities, such as weddings 'pane de sos isposos' and for Easter the egg was added as a decoration. The 'pitzus' are precisely the decorative protrusions.

Spianata sarda.

Made with the same dough as carasau, it is taller and is brushed with water halfway through baking and when removed from the oven, thus remaining softer. The 'zichi' bread of Bonorva is a variant of it that can be soft or crispy.

Moddizzosu dorgalese.

It is a soft bread made with boiled potatoes, wheat semolina and ricotta cheese, round or oval in shape, usually prepared before pistoccu. 

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