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Il porcetto

Porcetto sardo (Suckling Pig) probably represents the icon of Sardinian gastronomy. Although the preparation of this delicacy appears quite simple, it is important to emphasise how much experience and patience this recipe requires.

The Porcetto sardo pig is a suckling pig, i.e. reared essentially on a diet consisting of mother's milk with little supplementation. The ideal weight ranges between 9 lb (around 20 days old) and 14 lb (around 40 days old).

When cooked, the meat is tender and tasty, the rind crispy, considered by many to be the most delicious part. Porcetto is basically prepared in two ways. The most typical way is on the spit, where it is skewered and placed several tens of centimetres from the fire or embers, depending on the heat, and then slowly roasted for a period of two to three hours, first placing the inner part and then having the patience to turn it over to obtain an even cooking result.

To make the rind crispier, lard can be used, which is drained over the skin of the animal, which gradually becomes crispier and browner.

Another type of preparation that has fallen into disuse is cooking underground. After digging a hole, the meat is placed in it covered with myrtle branches and then covered with embers. Cooking is very slow, but the product will have an excellent taste and a unique aroma.

It is often served in pieces and on cork trays, and it is useless to recommend its consumption accompanied by good Cannonau wine.

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