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La Fregula

-Fregula, also known as freula, fregua, succu, cascà or pistitzone or fregola, in industrial terms, is a type of Sardinian pasta that spread, according to some scholars, to our island thanks to trade with Phoenicians and Punics; it is similar to couscous, but coarser. Fregola is available in various sizes. It is a durum wheat semolina pasta that is prepared in a large bowl or large deep dish, worked skilfully and patiently with the use of thefingertips until irregular 'crumbs' of pasta are obtained, of varying sizes, and then baked at 150 °C (302 °F) for about a quarter of an hour, until the semolina takes on the classic golden colour of pasta. 

The origin of the word seems to derive from the Latin ferculum, 'crumb'. It takes the form of irregular balls varying in diameter between 2 and 6 millimetres. There are various recipes to which it lends itself, ranging from seafood, such as clams and bottarga, to land-based recipes, such as sausage, chickpeas and bacon, and so on.

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