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Lorighittas, a typical and unique ring-shaped braided pasta, originated in the small village of Morgongiori at the foot of Monte Arci, in Alta Marmilla, Sardinia, and has always been made by the women of the village for All Saints' Day, 1 November. Every year in the first week of August, a festival dedicated entirely to Lorighittas is organised.

Lorighittas are a Patented Traditional Agri-food Product of Sardinia pasta. It is an exclusive product and limited to the territory and municipality of Morgongiori only. It takes its name from its shape, which resembles 'sa loriga', the iron ring to which beasts were attached in ancient times. From the past, there is evidence of a similar paste in Meana Sardo; it is assumed that there was an ancient settlement of Barbagian shepherds on Monte Arci, who learned the technique and then brought it to Barbagia.

Lorighittas are shaped like a ring or earring, created by the skilful dexterity of the women of Morgongiori who create them one by one with a skill acquired over time. The entire processing of the pasta is done by hand and only recently have small presses been introduced for the creation of spaghetti.

This exclusive pasta, made from durum wheat semolina, water, salt and sometimes eggs, is prepared by twisting two strands of dough to form a braid that is then closed into a ring. It takes three to four hours to make 1 kg (2,2 Lb) of this pasta. It is then dried in the sun for a few days before being boiled. The ingredients are processed in an earthenware scivedda (container) to amalgamate the dough and then on a wooden table for processing, and the creation of the 'spaghetto' of dough that will give life to the lorighitta. The 'spaghetto' is then wrapped twice around the fingers: index, ring and middle fingers, the end is broken off and compressed into two strands intertwined between the index and thumb of the same hand, the two strands are twisted and the typical elongated ring shape is obtained. The typical seasoning for lorighittas is free-range cockerel sauce made with seasoned tomatoes or simple tomato sauce, combined with roast wild boar or pork. 

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