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Porto Ferro Beach

It consists of an inlet, at the end of which is a wide, two-kilometre-long beach of reddish sand (hence the name). It is enclosed by rocks and reliefs of red trachyte and there are three Spanish watchtowers from the 17th century, for the threat of the Saracens: Torre Bantine Sale to the south, Torre Negra and Torre Bianca to the north. Nearby was the medieval village of Barace, whose inhabitants traded in salt. It is currently very popular for surfing and windsurfing, given the considerable windiness and the height of the waves.

It is twenty kilometres from Alghero and lies on the border between the municipalities of Sassari and Alghero. The inlet 'guards' within it, one of the largest beaches of the impervious Nurra coastline and for its beauty, the Touring Club Italia has elected it among the most beautiful in Sardinia and among the most 'sustainable' by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), awarding it the Bandiera Blu.

The shoulders of the beach are protected by a beautiful pine forest that, together with sand dunes covered with sea lilies, separates the beach from Lake Baratz, the only natural lake on the island. The beach, which is never crowded, has parking spaces and a refreshment area.

The northern part, near the White Tower, is frequented by naturism enthusiasts and was listed by the English travel and holiday web portal Skyscanner as the fifth most beautiful nudist beach in Europe.

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