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Sa Corda

Corda or Cordula, also known as 'braid' is made from the innards of preferably suckling lambs that have been skilfully and meticulously washed and then treated to form a braided rope.

The resulting braid can be roasted according to the most common technique, by threading it through a skewer or placing it on a grill and cooking it slowly, the cooking time varies depending on the thickness of the rope from one and a half to two hours, when cooked the roasted rope is crispy, the dish is served hot and the rope is sliced about 3 cm thick.

For the stewed variant with peas, on the other hand, the plait must be boiled for an hour and a half in plenty of salted water. Once drained, it is browned in a little oil. To the thinly sliced browned onion, peas and tomatoes are added and left to cook for about twenty minutes. After browning, the pea braid is added and left to cook for another 10 minutes or so. It is served hot and cut into thick slices of about 6-7 cm.

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