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Seadas (Sebadas or Sevadas) represent one of the most popular and well-known sweets in Sardinia. This round dessert, singularly seada, should be eaten hot to better appreciate the combination of fresh cheese filling and honey (possibly strawberry tree honey). As with all typical Sardinian dishes, the recipe for Seadas may vary depending on the area of the island. However, one aspect of the recipe that should not be overlooked is undoubtedly the choice of cheesefor the filling: the original recipe, or at least the most common one, calls for fresh, unsalted Sardinian pecorino cheese. 

Seadas pasta is made from durum wheat semolina (regrind), a pinch of salt dissolved in warm water and lard. A lemon or orange peel is usually added to the cheese filling.

Seada is a product to be eaten fresh; cooking it consists of frying it in plenty of extra virgin olive oil, taking care to turn it once when it starts to brown and swell.

A symphony for the palate... a Sardinian dessert, simple and quick to prepare.

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