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The village of Sennori is a municipality of 7000 inhabitants located 10 kilometers from Sassari (capital of the province), in the north-west of Sardinia, and is known for its agricultural production and crafts, sacred art and prehistoric sites.

Situated in an amphitheatre-shaped valley, among hills cultivated with olive groves, orchards and vineyards, Sennori, as a "privileged spectator", looks at the beautiful panorama of the Gulf of Asinara between Sassari and Sorso in the historic Romangia, a region that takes its name from Romania, "the lands conquered by Rome", in antithesis to Barbaria.

The village probably originated during the Roman age as a village-presidency, reported for the first time in documents drawn up in 1082. Today it is a substantially agricultural center, which produces oil and wine of excellent quality, which represent the two primary sources of its wealth, so much so that it was the first Sardinian municipality to be part of the national associations "Oil City" and "City of Wine". The wine of these parts is Cannonau, Vermentino and the famous Moscato, which is part of the Confraternity of Moscato Sorso-Sennori.

Sennori, moreover, is also known for the artisan tradition that translates into the art of weaving with the production of baskets, from dwarf palm leaves, traditional clothing, bread and cakes. There are several companies in Sennori that try to best preserve the tradition of both bread and cakes, closely linked to their territory!

Then, alongside the "classic" companies, guardians of tradition, there are also "different" ones that always starting from tradition, create innovative companies that stand out from the others even if it is a cafeteria, offering its customers genuine and homemade products created with raw materials of the territory!


The 17th-century parish church of San Basilio Magno is certainly worth a thorough visit! The façade and bell tower stand out in the highest part of the village and the attentive observer will notice that they can be seen from every corner.

St Basilio Magno Parish Church

Don't miss the churches too: of Santa Croce, custodian of a precious wooden altar of 1700, of the Rosary, the tiny but pretty eighteenth-century Santa Lucia and, finally, the nineteenth-century country church of San Giovanni Battista, the scene of the most important festival, known for the impressive parade of knights and parade of traditional costumes from all over the island.

Beyond the religious festivities, Sennori hosts cultural events such as the International Sculpture Symposium with the participation of world-famous artists.

In February the "Premio Romangia" for Sardinian literature is held and in July the International Folk Festival.

Domus de Janas of the Beneficio parrocchiale

The territory is rich in pre-Nuragic archaeological evidence such as the: the "Domus de Janas del Beneficio parrocchiale", dug into a limestone ridge and decorated in relief, one of the most interesting of prehistoric Sardinia, and the complex "Serra Crabiles", dug into the rock and covered in masonry, including several "Domus de Janas", tombs of the dolmenic and orthostatic type.

The Bronze Age is represented by numerous "Nuraghi", such as: "Sa Pattada", "Chercos", "Iscala de Todde", "Badde Margherita" and "Su Nuraghe e Badde Puttu", these are surrounded by the remains of circular huts of large villages. Last but not least, we must not forget, the "Tomba dei Giganti di Oridda" and the Sacred Wells and Fountains: "Funtana de su Anzu", "Funtana de sa Conza" and the "Geridu" fountain, as a testimony to the cult of water.

The territory of Romangia offers the opportunity to the attentive and curious visitor to make sensory experiences in the round through guided tours to learn about the territory and its riches: wine and oil and typical sweets.

In fact, there are several wineries that allow you to take guided tours of their vineyards and wineries with the opportunity to taste their wine paired with local food and wine products. Experiences such as: Aperitif in the Vineyard and Social Eating!

Recommended wineries: CANTINA SORRES and CANTINA FARA.


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