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Barì Tower Beach

The Barì Tower beach is about 4.5 km from the centre of the town of Bari Sardo, south of the Marina of the same name, protected by the 17th-century Barì Tower, a Spanish watchtower from which the beach itself takes its name. The tower is located on the southern promontory and from this point the long beach begins (also to the south), which takes various names: Sa Marina, Tramalitza, Marina di Cardedu and Marina di Sa Perda 'e Pera. It is about 8 km long and 100 metres wide, divided into two parts by the promontory on which the tower stands.

The part to the north is called 'Sea of Men' (Mari de is ominis) and is characterised by coarse-grained, golden-coloured sand, and is bordered by a pine forest at the foot of the Teccu plateau. In contrast, the southern one called 'Sea of Females' (Mari de is feminas) is characterised by pebbles and fine white sand. These names date back to the post-war years, when the two beaches were frequented separately by men and women.

You will find the waters of Torre di Barì blue and clear, thanks mainly to the posidonia oceanica plant that keeps them clean by filtering them. The seabed is shallow but slopes quickly, making it ideal for snorkelling and underwater fishing enthusiasts; only around the tower is the seabed rocky.

The beach is equipped with various facilities for bathing on the beach, access for the disabled, rental of parasols, deckchairs and sunbeds, a large car park and a diving centre. Thanks to its exposure to the grecale and sirocco winds, it is a popular destination for surfers and kitesurfers. All around, you will find hotels, residences, campsites, bars, dining and entertainment venues.

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