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Museums and archaeological sites in Macomer

Who knows how many times it will have happened to you during your holidays in Sardinia, to find by chance an archaeological site unknown to you and to your surprise to discover that it is not possible to visit it, because there is no one who can give you a guided tour of it.
To avoid encountering such situations, you should always rely on true professionals, such as the Esedra Escursioni Cooperative of Macomer which has been running the Macomer Museum System (SIMM) for almost a decade with a highly professional team.

With Esedra Excursions you will take a step back in time, in the company of expert guides who will help you discover the archaeological beauty of the Marghine Planargia and throughout Sardinia.

The Esedra team is made up of professionals in the field of Cultural and Environmental Tourism such as: Tourist Guides and Environmental Hiking Guides (duly registered in the Regional Register of Tourist Professions), Technicians of Educational and Didactic Services with External Promotion function, Graduates in Cultural Heritage Enhancement and Event Creation, and finally it also employs expert Archaeologists.

Esedra Hiking has been operating since 1998 in the field of services for cultural and environmental tourism, accompanying visitors on naturalistic, historical and archaeological itineraries in the Marghine Planargia area and throughout Sardinia.

In addition, it promotes and organises as an affiliated agency with the Trenino Verde Point, the Trenino Verde itineraries for the Macomer - Bosa narrow-gauge tourist route with additional services such as the Bauchiero vintage carriage, on-board guide, stops with guided tours, and tastings of typical local products.



The Macomer Museum System (SIMM) was created in 2012, with the aim of creating a unitary cultural circuit, entrusted in its management to the Promotea Participation Foundation, based in Macomer.

The Macomer Museum System includes 4 archaeological areas and 2 museum sites: Tamuli, Filigosa, Succuronis, Santa Barbara, the Ethnographic Museum 'Le Arti Antiche', and the Casa Attene Cultural Centre.

Archaeological Area of Tamuli

The archaeological site of Tamuli, located in the Marghine region of central northern Sardinia, is one of the most fascinating nuragic complexes on the island...Continued

The Necropolis of Filigosa

The site is located on the southern slopes of the hill of the same name, where the Nuraghe Ruiu stands, near the town of Macomer, in the Marghine region of north-central Sardinia. This important hypogeic necropolis with domus de janas...Continued

Saint Barbara Nuraghe

The nuraghe stands on a short plateau halfway up Monte Manai at 648 metres above sea level in a strategic point for the control of the natural route from Macomer to the Campeda plateau, in an area in any case rich in archaeological...Continued

Ethnographic Museum "The Ancient Arts"

Located along the main street of Macomer (Corso Umberto I), the Ethnographic Museum was opened to the public in spring 2000. The museum exhibits over three thousand objects, all original, relating not only to the rural and pastoral civilisation...Continued 

Attene House Cultural Centre

The Casa Attene Cultural Centre is located in an ancient building dating back to the early 17th century, in Piazza Santa Croce, in the heart of Macomer's historic centre. It serves as a documentation centre and reception for visitors...Continued






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