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I luoghi più romantici della città di Cagliari

Cagliari ha fatto innamorare molti viaggiatori ed intellettuali, che di volta in volta negli anni, anche per pochi giorni, si sono trovati a scoprirla, raccontarla e infine ad amarla. Luce Spano nel suo bellissimo saggio “Cagliari la città dell’amore”  racconta la meraviglia della giovane Grazia Deledda nell’osservare il corteggiamento che avveniva sotto i balconi, delle case dei quartieri di …

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Laconi è un grazioso borgo della Provincia di Oristano di 1850 abitanti, al confine tra la Barbagia e il Sud Sardegna, nella regione storica del Sarcidano. Laconi è un prezioso gioiello incastonato al centro dell’isola, caratterizzato da natura, archeologia, tradizioni e devozione, accoglienza estrema e per questi motivi, ha ricevuto l’importante riconoscimento della bandiera arancione …

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Holy Week in Cagliari and traditional processions

The Holy Week processions in Cagliari - sa Chida Santa, in the Sardinian language - are many and start on Passion Friday and end on Easter Monday. The rituals of Holy Week date back to the 17th century, when Sardinia was under Spanish political hegemony, and thus preserve the authenticity of traditions with over four hundred years of history. ...

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Sardinia and Carnival, between folklore and tradition

Carnival is among the world's oldest ritual festivals. It is a mix of elements taken from the pagan agro-pastoral world and from elements linked to the Christian religion that blend together with popular culture and tradition, combining superstition, magic, esotericism ending in the most brutal transgression. Carnival was born in order to overturn the customs, values and norms of everyday life, preceding Lent, in which ...

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Sardinian bread

The variety of bread in Sardinia derives from an ancient tradition of processing wheat flour, the cultivation of which in the plains had been practised extensively for millennia. There are hundreds of different types of bread, differing in shape, preparation, ingredients and place of production. The basic ingredients for making ...

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The Romans in Sardinia and the presence of the Castra on the island.

In Sardinia, in the north west of the island, near Sassari in the locality of La Crucca, there is the first and only existing reconstruction in Italy of a 2000-year-old Roman fortress from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD: a Roman Castrum. Thanks to the Castrum Romano Association, born out of a passion for ancient Rome, it is possible to get a clear idea ...

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On the left bank of the homonymous pond, also called Mari Pontis, Cabras rises a few kilometres from Oristano, with which it borders to the east, while to the west it faces the sea and with its thirty kilometres of coastline includes the Sinis peninsula and the two uninhabited islets of Catalano and Mal di Ventre. Attested ...

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The grape harvest in Sardinia

The grape harvest - in Sardinia known as 'sa binnenna' or 'sa innenna' - represents a crucial moment that sanctions the meeting of work, knowledge and ingenuity and is expressed in the picking of the bunches of grapes patiently left to ripen. Although the grape harvest takes place between the end of August and the end of October, September in the world of ...

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